About My Last Homepage

The idea for MyLastHomepage.com was first developed by Jim Carroll while attending school at the University of Maryland, College Park in early 2001. He was a freshman engineering student at the time and was constantly running back and forth between the computer lab and his dorm room. Half way through the semester, he had the idea to create a webpage that stored all his "favorite" websites. That way whatever computer he was on, he could access his page and have everything he needed.

The University of Maryland allowed space on their server for students to create their own web pages. With no HTML experience, Jim researched and taught himself the basics of internet code and designed the first static version of MyLastHomepage.com. It was a single user page that only Jim could edit. This page was used until he graduated with his Masters in 2006.

After graduation, the website that Jim created was deleted by the school. He then purchased the domain name yourlasthomepage.com and mimicked his previous page. Jim developed web pages for family and friends, but it was very time consuming. It wasn't until 2008 when Jim's high school friend, Chris, had the idea to make the website a dynamic page to allow anyone to sign up and easily create their own pages with no html experience needed. MyLastHomepage.com was purchased and the code was written.

MyLastHomepage LLC was established in New Jersey in April, 2011. General access to the site has been available since June of 2011 and now has users from all over the world.

For an example, visit: www.mylasthomepage.com/example.

I hope that everyone can take advantage of this free service. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me directly at Jim@mylasthomepage.com.